Ktulu Online - progress (20.03.2017)

The project keeps going forward, although slowly. Using TDD has let me overcome my creative blockade and I managed to make good progress, especially taking into account the time I could spend on the code. The main improvements are in the area of the Manitou (server) and player (client) API, which has finally started taking shape - starting with writing the tests helped a lot in forming a pretty detailed vision.

Even though I still don't have much to show in the project, I'm hoping that something interesting will emerge this week. Coding hasn't felt this easy to me since a long time :)

That's pretty much it with regards to the progress. I'll write a bit more about the problems I have encountered when trying to define the API of the objects in the next entry - some of the problems have interesting aspects related to the properties of Rust. It might be an interesting read for people who still don't know much about this language :)